Why Ed Tech?

I was at a workshop, and sitting to my right is a veteran teacher in her 60’s and to my left, another veteran teacher in her 50’s.  Our final product from the workshop was to create a video about how the information from the workshop can help educators.  

Can you spot me? If you can’t, I’m the one avidly working on my project while others are having a discourse

We were given a brief tutorial on a few platforms that we could use to create this video, to which I was rolling my eyes at the whole time, knowing I was going to use iMovie on my iphone while on my 40 min commute on the metro.  My buddy to my right and left however, were avid note takers trying to absorb as much as possible from the tutorial.  On top of that, they were raising their hands and asking questions.  Ugh!

Just kidding!  I’m an educator, of course I love raised hands and questions.  My point from this story is, there is plenty of educational platforms out there that teachers can use, but the real issue is making sure educators are well trained on these technologies.  

and to make my point even stronger, my two buddies ended up creating a lame power point presentation because they were too afraid to try the new video platforms with that brief tutorial they had received on Day 1.  

So my goal with this blog is to not only introduce, or maybe re-introduce to some, technologies that can be useful in ANY classroom, but proper tutorials on how to use them effectively.  

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