Nearpod: making your classroom more interactive

If you’re still stuck in the powerpoint slides world, or even still mesmerized by smartboards, please try Nearpod! What Nearpod does is make a lesson (i.e your PP slides) into an interactive classroom experience for ALL students (unlike smartboards that only interact a few at a time). Once you setup an account, it’s very easy to begin making your first lesson.

What does Nearpod look like in my classroom?

Here’s quick snapshot of how I would use Nearpod in my classroom:

  • Start a warm-up/drill questions: this can be a poll/multiple choice/free response. You can control if students can see each other’s answers on the board, and even start discussions about them.
  • Present the lesson for the day through several slides
  • Throughout the lesson include:
    1. a video that students can watch at their own pace, or all together
    2. a fill-in-a-blank to make sure students understand the vocabulary for the lesson
    3. a Draw-it activity for students to creatively respond to the lesson
  • End the lesson with a short assessment to gauge student understanding
Some of the many activities you can include your lesson.

Isn’t that so cool?? and this was just a snippet of what you can do! You can incorporate websites into your lesson, use the collaboration tool, and even take a virtual field trip! There’s even a library of lessons made by other teachers that you can use. If you need more support to start using Nearpod in your classroom, be on the lookout for a tutorial in future posts.

I encourage instructors and educators to use Nearpod on a daily basis to create an interactive classroom. This tool can be used in ANY classroom, and provide immediate feedback from your students.

Tell me what you think about Nearpod, and if it’s a tool that really inspires you to teach. As always, happy teaching!

Nearpod Report Card

Nearpod receives an A. Although it’s an awesome tool for differentiation, creativity, and assessment, it does require a premium paid account to use all of its resources. However, its free version is still very useful!

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