Making informal assessments and reviews more interactive with Quizizz

Before I started using Quizizz as an interactive tool for pre-assessments, post-assessments, and reviews, I hated seeing my students take yet another boring quiz on paper or online. 

Quizizz is an online tool that makes assessment fun, interactive, and promotes a healthy dose of competition in your class.

Click here to watch my tutorial on how to make a Quizizz

What I love about Quizizz

  1. You have access to thousands of quizizz made by other users on almost any topic
  2. You can make your own quiz with your own questions and answer choices
  3. Graphics!
  4. Live scoring-you can see how your students are performing on the spot
  5. Memes-after every questions, the students see a meme that either praises them for the right answer or encourages them to do better on the next question. 

How I use Quizizz in my classroom

  1. Warm-up: as students begin class, they take a quick Quizizz that will either assess their knowledge from the previous lesson, or pre-assess their knowledge for an upcoming lesson
  2. Review: students love fun and interactive reviews, and I always use Quizizz to review for a test or benchmark
  3. Exit Ticket: what better way to assess your students understanding at the end of class than with a Quizizz that gives you live data
You have the option of allowing students to see their ranking amongst a few their peers. I think this can encourage a little bit of healthy competitions amongst students

How I use Quizizz with other resources

  1. CommonLit: If you’ve read my post on CommonLit, you know that their activities only feature a very short assessment. Sometimes, I pair a CommonLit activity with a Quizizz to better assess my students
  2. Nearpod: If you’ve read my post on Nearpod, you also know that Nearpod features its own assessment tool, but it does lack fun graphics and the leadership board. I sometimes link a Quizizz to my Nearpod slides to make assessments more engaging.
An example of the memes that get displayed every time a student answers a question
Quizizz receives an A from Ed Tech Report Card. It’s a great assessment tool, however it’s not an easy tool to be used for differentiation.

Have you ever used Quizizz in your classroom? Let me know what your thoughts on, and as always, happy teaching!

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